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SpiritTec SoundSystem™ Overview

We have developed several different ways to purchase a SpiritTec SoundSystem™ for your healing practice or home. 

At the heart of every SpiritTec SoundSystem is the SpiritTec software and sound-files. The sounds have been professionally recorded at the highest fidelity to bring excellent reproduction into every session. Each sound is designed to fade-in, play, then fade-out to create a calming and balancing affect. There are hundreds of sounds available in the sound files that have been organized into categories and combined into individual Instrument Group  files that can be purchased separately here


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(Some of the SpiritTec™ Instrument group sound files shown above are optional.)


SpiritTec+Sound™ - Basic Sound Healing

The basic sound file package that will be included with every SpiritTec SoundSystem™ will include continuing loops of professionally recorded nature sounds, White noise, Pink noise, and sounds based on the first and 2nd octave sounds of the Earth’s frequencies - Earth Year OHM (365.242 days), Earth Year OHM Octave, Earth 24 hr (Sideric Day), Earth Equinox (+/- 26000 yr Platonic Year), Sideric (Full) Moon, Synodic (New) Moon and Sun.


The SpiritTec Basic sound file offers a way to begin using the benefits of sound healing immediately in your home or practice. Additional sound files are listed in the Optional Sound Files section of the store 

This first level of SpiritTec+Sound, is sound-based only. Although it is simple and inexpensive it is a powerful tool, ready to amplify and deepen whatever practice or healing methods you will be using. Top-line sound components are used to ensure the best sound reproduction at even low sound levels. SpiritTec+Sound turns any wooden massage table into a “sound board” that allows the frequency of the selected sounds to penetrate the body of the person on the table. See the list of components.


SpiritTec+Plasma™ - Amplified Healing


SpiritTec+Plasma™ is the next level, adding the ability to immerse the person on the massage table not only in a “sound field” but also in an electromagnetic field generated by plasma tubes being activated by Tesla coils. The Tesla technology allows this field to be generated in a way that is different than other types of frequency-generating systems.


The “Longitudinal” waves generated by the Tesla coils are non-destructive and life-giving. Each of the 2 Plasma tubes generates a spherical (toroidial) field which meets at the center of the massage table. This creates a very stable and healing platform for the sounds to penetrate the body. See the List of Components.

SpiritTec+QuantaPhi™ - Sound Induced Advanced Healing


SpiritTec+QuantaPhi™ is the highest level in sound healing technology, combining Tesla technology and sound to create a Plasma field that carries any frequency you intend or “play” into the field and therefore into every cell of the person on the table.


The “magic” of the QuantaPhi™ high fidelity amplifier and digital-to-analog switcher allows any sound or frequency to be induced into the plasma tubes and therefor into the plasma field. This creates an experience that is unprecedented in sound healing technology. SpiritTec+QuantaPhi™ includes all of the components listed for SpiritTec+Sound™  and SpiritTec+Plasma™, plus the additional

 List of Components

Choose between three tiered combination packages of our leading edge sound healing technology from SpiritTec SoundSystems
$610 US for SpiritTec software and sound files
Contact for current pricing info.
Contact for current pricing info.
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