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About Ron


Ron’s relationship to the esoteric nature of life began when he dropped out of university and instead began taking 

the College Lessons of the Brotherhood of the White Temple.

That relationship with metaphysics continues to this day,


A decade later he had built the 1st solar-powered home in Canada in a remote part of northern Alberta. Solar power 

was almost unheard of at that time and it became a business that eventually took Ron to many parts of the world to

install solar systems and to perform research for the Canadian government on developing new ways to use solar power.  

Two decades later Ron closed the business and began a new career, teaching the principles of sacred geometry 

and meditation in a form known as the Flower of Life.

He continues that work today in it’s present form, known as Awakening the Illuminated Heart. 

15 years ago he also began a journey with learning new ways of working with sound to assist in bringing balance to the

energy systems of the body - be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. Ron assisted in developing a new technique

known as the Fibonacci Process™ that brings together the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Sacred Geometry.


The most recent iteration of this work has now incorporated a combination of new technology and Spirit in ways that assist

individuals and larger groups in finding the balance known as the Unified Field. This work is named SpiritTec and is the foundation for this website. 

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