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List of Components

The following hardware components are part of all SpiritTec Sound Systems™ and are available through local sound equipment suppliers and world-wide through the AMAZON system. It is important that these exact components are ordered to ensure that the software and sound file components work correctly. Upon order you will given precise instructions to order the following:



The Basic Sound Files are supplied with every SpiritTec™ SoundSystem.
The 15 included instruments are – Earth Year OM, Earth OM Octave, Earth 24 Hr Day, Earth Equinox, Sideric (New) Moon, Synodic (Full) Moon, Sun, Pink Noise and White Noise.  

  • 1 x  Pre Sonus ATOM 16 Pad Controller*

  • *Includes STUDIO ONE ARTIST Advanced Digital Audio Workstation software. For MAC or PC.

  • 2 x  Pre Sonus ERIS E4.5 Speakers, Active Media Reference Monitors. Exceptional sound quality and dynamic range for the price. Works well with any MAC or PC laptop or desktop computer.

  • 2 x  Custom made SpiritTec Speaker Stands. Allows any wooden base massage table to create a “sound board” experience.

  • 1 x  Connection and Installation Video and Manual.   





The following components are added to the SpiritTec+Sound™ system:

  • 2 x Tesla coils c/w power supplies and cables

  • 2 x custom made Plasma Tube Field Generators

  • 1 x QuantaPhi  High Fidelity Amplifier + Digital to Analog Switcher and cables



Contact for current pricing info

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