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Flexible SpiritTec™Sound Healing technology packages 

to suit your specific requirements.


  • 1 x  Pre Sonus ATOM 16 Pad Controller*

  • *Includes STUDIO ONE ARTIST Advanced Digital Audio Workstation software. For MAC or PC.

  • 2 x  Pre Sonus ERIS E4.5 Speakers, Active Media Reference Monitors. Exceptional sound quality and dynamic range for the price. Works well with any MAC or PC laptop or desktop computer.

  • 2 x  Custom made SpiritTec Speaker Stands. Allows any wooden base massage table to create a “sound board” experience.

  • 1 x  Connection and Installation Video and Manual.   

SpiritTec+Sound™ components + optional component configurations with the option to add any choice and number of our full suite of Fibonacci Sound Files

The Basic Sound Files are supplied with every SpiritTec SoundSystem. The 15 included instruments are, Low Ohm, Mid Ohm, Earth Day, Earth Zodiac, New Moon, Full Moon, Sun, Nature Sounds  (Forest, Small Stream, Above Stream, Meadow, Waterfall, Lakeshore), White Noise, Pink Noise 


All sound files are ready to be loaded on the supplied STUDIO ONE ARTIST software program (supplied with the Pre Sonus ATOM Pad Controller). For MAC or PC. 

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