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In-Person Fibonacci Process™Class

What if you could combine the knowledge of Sacred Geometry with other ancient knowledge such as the esoteric parts of Acupuncture, Ancient Mythology and Astrology? 


The 2.5 day Fibonacci Process class will offer explanation and instruction of a method of combining these disciplines into a simple and powerful way to apply this knowledge in your personal and public healing practice.

You will also be given new insights into simple and powerful ways to create sound environments that significantly reduce the cost of practicing these skills. 


Ron has been teaching the Fibonacci Process to others for over 2 decades. Recently he has introduced a revolutionary way of delivering sound frequencies to the entire body while focussing on specific Acupuncture points without intrusion from other components and tools. 


The 2.5 day class begins with an evening Introduction  to the principles of Sacred Geometry, how it applies to life and healing, where the principles of the Fibonacci Process originated from, how it can be applied and the results if has offered. Anyone can attend this evening presentation. There is no charge and you don’t have to attend the rest of the workshop. If you do decide to takethe class the workshop fee listed below will apply.


The 2nd day will offer a full understanding of the 64-step Fibonacci Process including full instruction and practice

using the original method of tuning forks as the delivery method. 


The 3rd day will continue with training using the SpiritTec+Sound system for creating  the sound frequencies while using the practitioner’s fingers as the delivery method. There will also be a demonstration of the SpiritTec+Plasma and SpiritTec+QuantaPhi methods of amplifying the healing effects of the sound frequencies. 


Each practitioner can decide how they wish to then begin offering this knowledge in their own sessions. 

The method remains the same, just the tools differ. 



Online Fibonacci Process™Class  

The Online Class was created by recording and editing an entire 2.5 day In-Person Class. The Online version takes place in 4 Instalments. 


The first instalment will be a 1 - 2 hour Introductory session by Zoom where we get to know one-another and set a training plan and intention. Immediately after you will receive by email the class materials, the link for the first of 3 - 3 hour videos and a link to the next Zoom session where your questions and comments will be discussed. This process will repeat itself for the following 2 weeks with the links for the next class video supplied in weekly instalments with a question and comment Zoom call to follow up. 


Each student must sign an agreement that states they will not share any of the information, materials or videos from the Online class with any individual or organization without express written consent from SPIRITTEC . 


Pricing for this class depends on several factors. See the PRODUCTS page for more information

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