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Flexible SpiritTec+Sound™ Healing Technology packages to suit your specific requirements

$610 USD

The following are supplied by SpiritTec:

  • 2 x  Custom made SpiritTec Speaker Stands. Allows any wooden base massage table to create a “sound board” experience. Price $144 US in North America

  • 1 x  Connection and Installation Video Manual. No charge.

  • Basic Sound Files - 15 Instruments. No charge.

- Earth: Earth Ohm 01, Earth Ohm 02, Earth Day 02, Earth Precession 02

- Moon: Synodic 02, Sideric 02

- Sun 01

- Nature: Meadow, Forest, Shoreline, Above Stream, Stream, Yaak Falls

- White Noise

- Pink Noise


The following are sourced from Amazon or a local supplier of sound equipment.
Approximate total $300 US.

  • 1 x  Pre Sonus ATOM 16 Pad Controller*

  • *Includes STUDIO ONE ARTIST Advanced Digital Audio Workstation software. For MAC or PC.

  • 2 x  Pre Sonus ERIS E4.5 Speakers, Active Media Reference Monitors. Exceptional sound quality and dynamic range for the price. Works well with any MAC or PC laptop or desktop computer.

  • 1 x 10 ft (3 meter) Male to Male 3.5mm Universal Aux Audio Stereo Cable


SpiritTec+Sound™ components + optional component configurations with the option to add any choice and number of our full suite of Fibonacci Sound Files
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